Institute Director

Bill Martin
  • Bill Martin, B.S., M.B.A., M.P.P.A.

  • Business planning, strategic plan development and market research, assessment and planning, EFEC, FastTrac®
  • (662)325-3348
  • w.martin@msstate.edu

Institute Staff

  • Amy Garrard, Outreach Coordinator, B.S., M.B.A.

  • Market development, trade shows, public relations, communications, business resources, EFEC, FastTrac®
  • (662)325-8453
  • amy.garrard@msstate.edu
  • Chip Bailey, Outreach Coordinator, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.

  • Industrial assessments, workforce training, technical assistance, time and motion, plant and process design, EFEC
  • (662)325-6789
  • ennis.bailey@msstate.edu
  • Debbie Miller, Project Coordinator, Certified Export Manager

  • Business accounting and records reporting, contract bidding, grant writing assistance, export assistance, trade shows, Mississippi-Made Catalog
  • (662)325-6787
  • d.miller@msstate.edu

Affiliated Staff

  • Charles Freeman, Assistant Professor

  • School of Human Sciences
  • (662)325-1293
  • cf617@msstate.edu
  • John Moore, Field Project Manager

  • Engineering Extension
  • (662)325-0649
  • jpm186@msstate.edu
  • Franklin Quin, Jr., Research Associate II

  • Forest Products
  • (662)325-3067
  • fq3@msstate.edu

MSU, partners announce Furniture Academy

Mississippi State University has launched the Mississippi Furniture Academy, a new manufacturing skills certification program created as part of a workforce development initiative.

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Industry Updates

  • Furniture Manufacturing Employment: 18,818
  • Furniture Suppliers Employment: 22,234
  • Furniture Manufacturers Average Annual Wage: $33,028

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