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Our furniture testing facility aims to develop and adopt new technologies and manufacturing systems, sustain productivity improvements, reduce production costs, increase the value of Mississippi products and improve the competitive position for Mississippi’s furniture industry.

Furniture Frame Performance Tests:

  • The General Service Administration (GSA) FNAE-80-214A for upholstered furniture
    • Seat Load Foundation
    • Backrest Foundation
    • Backrest Frame
    • Sidethrust Load on Legs
    • Recliner Mechanism Cycling
    • Recliner Ottoman Test
  • Lounge seating tests - ANSI/BIFMA X5.4-1997
  • General-purpose office chairs test - ANSI/BIFMA X 5.1-2002

Wood and Wood-based Composite Evaluation as Furniture Frame Stock:

  • Physical and mechanical properties-ASTM
  • Joints and fasteners
  • Frame performance evaluation
  • Machinability

Foam and Fillers Evaluation:

  • Static and dynamic tests-ASTM D 3574-01, 2001
  • Fiber physical properties-ASTM 3937-01, 2001

Furniture Packaging Test:

  • Pre-shipment vibration test-ISTA test procedure 1A-2000
  • Drop test-Rule 180, National Motor Freight classification 100-AD, 2004

Fabrics Test:

  • Abrasion Testing - ASTM D4157- 07
    • “Standard Test Method for Abrasion Resistance of Textile Fabrics (Oscillatory Cylinder Method)"
  • Fabric Seam Integrity – ASTM D4033-92
    • “Standard Test Method for Resistance to Yarn Slippage at the Sewn Seam in Upholstery Fabrics (Dynamic Fatigue Method)"
  • Fabric Tensile Strength – ASTM D5034-09
    • “Standard Test Method for Breaking Strength and Elongation of Textile Fabrics (Grab Test)”
  • Fabric Tearing Strength – ASTM D2261-07a
    • “Standard Test Method for Tearing Strength of Fabrics by the Tongue (Single Rip) Procedure (Constant-Rate-of-Extension Tensile Testing Machine)”
  • Fabric Seam Integrity – ASTM D4033-92
    • “Standard Test Method for Resistance to Yarn Slippage at the Sewn Seam in Upholstery Fabrics (Dynamic Fatigue Method)
  • Flammability
    • UFAC 1990 Class 1
    • California Technical Bulletin 117 (TB-117), Section E
    • California Technical Bulletin 117 (TB-117) flammability testing on foam


MSU, partners announce Furniture Academy

Mississippi State University has launched the Mississippi Furniture Academy, a new manufacturing skills certification program created as part of a workforce development initiative.

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  • Furniture Manufacturing Employment: 18,818
  • Furniture Suppliers Employment: 22,234
  • Furniture Manufacturers Average Annual Wage: $33,028

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