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Supervisory Manufacturing Management Training


To provide basic manufacturing instructional training in the areas of modern manufacturing, leadership, and management to first-line supervisors in the furniture industry.


Pedagogy: (May vary based upon individual industry needs)

Instruction is divided into four (4) topic areas, each consisting of four, three-hour modules. Each module can be delivered in one three-hour session or three one-hour sessions at the discretion of the host industry. A (100) point written test will be administered at the conclusion of each topic area.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Modern Manufacturing: (12 in-class hours)
    • Introduction / Assessment / History
    • The Role of: Management / Engineers / Supervisors
    • The Economic, Production and Local Environment
    • Review / Test 1 / Test Evaluation
  • Leadership: (12 in-class hours)
    • Theories, Leadership and Emotions, Contexts of Leadership
    • Leadership Character Model, Stress Management, Conflict Resolution
    • Motivational Concepts, Motivational Theories, Controlling Motivation
    • Review / Test 2 / Test Evaluation
  • Management: (12 in-class hours)
    • Organizational Structure (Classifications / Types / Culture)
    • Economics / Labor Theories of Value / Employment and Wages
    • Job Analysis / Human Factors and Safety / Work Standards
    • Review / Test 3 / Test Evaluation
  • Modern Manufacturing: (12 in-class hours) includes: SPC, VSM, TQM, Kanban, 6 Sigma, FMS & 5S
    • History / Strategies / Techniques
    • Analysis / Supply Chain / JIT
    • Waste Reduction / Lean Manufacturing / Advanced Lean Methods
    • Review / Test 4 / Course Evaluation


Completion levels will be assigned based upon test scores, hours attended and attitude. Total Points = 500

  • Graduate (400-500)
    • Honors (450-475)
    • Highest Honors (475-500)
  • Participant (300-399)
  • Attendee (200-299)


Completion will result in a first line supervisor who has a better understanding of the basics of leadership, the management team, and manufacturing as a business and is capable of executing and communicating guidance and direction. Industry will gain key value-added team members with enhanced skills and education.



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